Just Beachin' Around

Another outfit post from our short vacay to Thailand. To recap, we stayed in Pattaya for 2 whole days and spent a few good hours in Tawaen Beach at Koh Larn. Compared to Boracay, Tawaen wasn't that pretty and clean; it was crowded with too much chairs, the shops/stalls seem pretty old and not well-maintained and their life vests (for water activities) were really stinky and quite filthy if you ask me... BUT... the sand is very soft and the water was just as blue as the pictures. Despite all the negativity I mentioned, it wasn't that bad! However, it looked a lot better 4 years ago when I went for my highschool graduation trip.

Oh well, things change and I guess Tawaen was one of them. Also, we didn't really spend a long time because our last ride back to Bali Hai Pier was (as I remembered) 5pm or sometime before 6pm. Yet, we still tried to make the most of it. By the time we arrived at the beach, I quickly asked my sister to take pictures of me for the blog before the sky turned even darker.... And this is the result of it.

You've probably seen this crochet overall a lot of times if you follow Katee Of The Day. I seriously wear it quite often when I'm going to a beach. Not to mention my plumeria pin, which I also wore lots of times in my beach posts. So I guess, nothing new here, just a casual outfit post! That's it for me today, tell me, are you sick of seeing too much from my Thailand trip? I feel like I might be overwhelming my viewers just like I did with my Boracay trip.

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Photo Credits to: Chezka Cenon (@styleche)

Pattaya & Bangkok | Enjoying Our Last (Day 4)

Our 4th day in Thailand was probably the most "tourist-mode" we've done. Before going back to Bangkok we took a few hours exploring more of Pattaya. We had Mcdonald's breakfast for a quick bite, hopped on a songtaew, and drove to the Nongnooch Botanical Gardens. They had lots of programmes, such as elephant shows, but we only had time to walk around the huge garden. All in all, everything about the place was beautiful but it was too hot! I forgot the exact temperature that day but it was really really hot, like my skin was burning kinda type.

Our next destination was the Wat Phra Yai Buddha all the way up Chon Buri. It wasn't as giant as the one in Ngong Ping and it had less steps (which was good). We were given huge scarves for free to hide our arms and legs when visiting the buddha; the one I got had rainbow colors and very well matched my outfit! Lucky! All we did was take pictures and buy souvenirs and rode our songtaew one last time to go back to our hotel and head back to Bangkok.

We had an almost 4-hour drive from Pattaya to Sukhumvit. 1st thing we did was check-in our last hotel for this trip, the Citadines Sukhumvit 8. It was a iny yet lovely hotel and the pool was great, too bad we had no time in the morning so we went at night before going to Chatuchak. Unfortunately, both my younger sisters were having a very bad stomach ache that they couldn't come with so it was only Chezka, Leon and I who went shopping at Chatuchak market. There were lots of food and cheap things, I didn't buy much but the stuff I bought were pretty good! It's exactly how you'd imagine the place to be.... crowded with shops, vendors and people.

Another great experience we had was trying to eat in one of the local eateries. I've never tasted pad thai and tom yam goong that way! It was so different, and definitely fresher from what we usually eat here in Macau. Not to mention, it was A LOT CHEAPER... I guess I could say it was a great ending to our Thailand trip. I'd definitely want to go back and do everything again!

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Photo & Video Credits by: Yours Truly & My sisters